Bert Feuss

Bert Feuss

Bert FeussSenior Vice President, Investments
Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Bert leads investments at SVCF, the largest community foundation in the world at $13.5 billion, including $600 million of impact investments across the spectrum of mission and program related investments in social enterprises and ESG and sustainable investment strategies.

Bert speaks and writes regularly on impact investing strategies, diversity and inclusive investment practices, and nonprofit fiduciaries best practices.  He was an early pioneer of facilitating impact investing through donor advised funds, and co-authored Driving Impact Through Donor Advised Funds: Community Foundations as Catalysts for Impact Investing in 2014. 

He works closely with the foundation’s investment consultant to engage more people of color and women investment managers in the foundation’s portfolios. Portfolio oversight includes individually managed donor advised funds, charitable trusts, the foundation’s endowment, and five investment pool options for donors and nonprofits, including the Social Impact Pool that seeks positive social and environmental impact. He advises donors, foundations and nonprofits on investment and spending policies, asset allocation, planned gifts and impact investing strategies to achieve social and financial goals.

Prior to joining SVCF in 2004, Bert was a Senior Vice President at Franklin Templeton Investments in U.S. Sales & Distribution. He currently leads the Investment Practices Committee for the community foundation field, is a Volunteer Advisor to the UC Davis Foundation, and is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Bert is a graduate of the University of California at Davis, and holds an MBA from Golden Gate University.  

Follow Bert on Twitter @bertfeuss or LinkedIn at Read his blog on the importance of manager diversity here or listen via the Philanthropy Now podcast series.